API Roadmap

In an effort to be transparent with our roadmap, we publish changes that we believe will be important to the applications you’ve developed. We will try our best to pinpoint exact dates for future releases, but we will occasionally have to give the best month or quarter estimates for changes that are harder to estimate. While dates are subject to change based on other dependencies, we will communicate updates as soon as possible. This roadmap is intended to discuss changes that may affect current applications and may sometimes exclude new product releases that can not be disclosed before each launch.

Upcoming Changes

Q1 2015

Change to avatar_url in Users object – The avatar_url parameter in the Users object will be changing to require authentication & authorization before viewing the image. The avatar_url is retrieved from a GET request to /users/{id} or by going directly to users/{id}/avatar with the access token in the header.

Longer shared_link hash – The shared link hash will be increasing from 20 characters to 32 characters to enforce better security parameters. This applies to the “shared_link” parameter on Folder and File objects. For illustration, previous shared links example: https://cloud.box.com/s/9thz3acwxuo4dszula0t. New Shared link example: https://cloud.box.com/s/9thz3acwxuo3dszuln0tmsobifq236gn

Recent Changes


December 2014

New Java SDK – We released a new Java SDK. To learn more, please refer to our blog post.